Bleeding Control Courses

Massive bleeding from any cause, but particularly from an active shooter or explosive event where a response is delayed can result in death. Similar to how the general public learns and performs CPR, the public must learn proper bleeding control techniques, including how to use their hands, dressings, and tourniquets. Victims can quickly die from uncontrolled bleeding, within minutes.

Bleeding Control - 2.5 hrs. (click here for details)

This course will focus specifically on tourniquet application & wound-packing. Students will be provided materials and resources from and receive the coveted Bleeding Control certificate of completion..                                                                      





Bleeding Control & Wound Management - 5 hours (click here for details)

This course will cover the standard Bleeding Control content with additional instruction on managing wounds such as:
• Head Lacerations
• Gun shot wounds to the neck and chest
• Protruding objects
• Bandaging

We will also create a final exercise using hyper-realistic training aids to test your skills.

Bleeding Control/Basic Life Support (Online) (click here for details)

Have your team certified in Bleeding Control and Basic Life Support (CPR)!

- Participants will receive a link to take the BLS Course online at their own pace
- We will come to your facility and conduct 2 hours of Bleeding Control Training
- After BCON training is complete, we will review Basic Life Support Skills
- Two very important certifications in just one day!

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