Our Mission

At PEAK Training Solutions, our mission is to end preventable patient harm by providing effective simulation-based medical training and certification to enhance the speed and effectiveness of all first responders. We are a veteran-owned corporation run by combat medical experts who offer integrated, real-world training solutions for the community, emergency medical services, law enforcement, austere and hospital environments.

WHY PEAK Training Solutions?

In this changing world, our communities face potential violence and harm previously seen only on the battlefield. The need for expert training to reduce preventable patient harm is at an all-time high. In the event of a crisis, individuals and organizations need to be prepared to respond quickly and effectively to minimize patient harm. Although didactic presentations provide you with important information, PEAK Training Solutions puts your newly acquired knowledge to work. We simulate the experience to stimulate your response. When training with PEAK, the value is clear:


Field Medicine Expertise - Peak Training Solutions is a Veteran-owned organization whose founders are experts in combat medicine and training. Our staff is comprised of top level, board certified and combat tested Emergency Medicine physicians, prior service corpsman, and civilian Tactical Paramedics who are NAEMT certified. We have trained countless physicians, nurses, corpsman, and EMTs in the hospital emergency department and on the battlefield.

Live Action - Our hands on Courses put you at the scene and mimic the pace, pressure and adrenaline you will experience if faced with a live incident. In a Peak training course, your new found knowledge will b practiced and put to the test. Every PEAK certification is earned through action-oriented hard work rather than a didactic “death by powerpoint.”

Tailored Solutions - At Peak Training Solutions, we go beyond staging an event at a standard facility. We tailor our curriculum, not only meet the required NAEMT guidelines of your professional certification requirements, but also to meet your specific needs as a student, organization or community based program. Our scenarios heighten your experience and awareness to help maximize the effectiveness of your training. Whether you are military, professional first responder, civilian organization or individual, there is a Course that suits you best.

Affiliations and Equipment - Peak Training Solutions affiliates with only the best and the most knowledgeable in the business, and uses professional grade equipment and technology during our training courses.

Your Place or Ours - Peak Training Solutions will schedule and develop a customized training session at your facility or you can attend any one of our public training sessions. View a list of our Upcoming Courses or Contact Us to arrange for on site training on a day and time that works for you.


CDR Gerald W Platt,


Chief Executive Officer

Gerald Platt is a retired military officer with an accomplished military medical career spanning over 28 years. Prior to retirement, Gerald held the position of Director of Navy Medicine West - Medical and Surgical Simulation, while serving a 3 year term as Department Head for the Naval Medical Center San Diego Simulation and Bio-Skills Center. Gerald also held the position of Assistant Department Head and Associate Residency Program Director for Medical Simulation Training. He is responsible for creating the medical simulation curriculum for Navy Emergency Medicine, Deploying Shock Trauma Platoons, and Role 3 Hospital. Gerald has served 6 separate deployments across the globe, both in war time and humanitarian capacities. Before attending medical school, Gerald served 9 years as a hospital corpsman, EMT and ambulance driver. In addition to his role as CEO and Medical Director for PEAK Training Solutions, Gerald is a practicing Emergency Medicine physician.

Michael Costanza


Director of Training

Michael Costanza is a former U.S Navy Corpsman with significant operational and combat experience in OIF/OEF. During his 10 years in the Navy, he has deployed to South America, Iraq, and Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan, Michael served as a team Corpsman for 1st ANGLICO, an elite United States Marines Corps (USMC) unit tasked with calling in air strikes and artillery fires in support of their attached formation. He then became chief medical instructor for Special Operations Training Group leading hundreds of Marines and Corpsman in tactical medicine training during Raids and Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel (TRAP) missions. Michael then held leadership positions at the Bio-skills and Simulation Center located at Naval Medical Center San Diego. There he became a National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) Affiliate Faculty and Coordinator for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support as well as a Simulation Technician. Michael assisted in bringing NAEMT TCCC training to Palomar college where he still teaches EMT/Paramedic. He concluded his military career at Naval Medical Center San Diego. In addition to his role as Director of PEAK Training Solutions, Mike is a California Certified EMT, K9 Paramedic, EME Instructor, and NAEMT Affiliate Faculty.

Capt. John W Love,


Chief Operations Officer

John Love is a distinguished retired Navy officer with a service reputation recognized globally as a leader, Emergency Medicine physician, and educator. He has held leadership positions in large hospital and operational settings, actively leading combat personnel and saving lives. John has a vast amount of combat deployment experience, including two tours of duty in Iraq and a third in the middle east supporting USMC combat, anti-piracy, and anti-terrorism operations. He has led medical training exercises all over the world in a myriad of climates and conditions, including Australia, Greenland, and Jordan. He completed a tour as a trauma instructor at the Naval Trauma Training Center at LA County Medical Center, where he provided direct trauma instruction to deploying medical personnel and as Director of Simulation Training. John concluded his military career at Naval Medical Center San Diego, where he served as the Chairman of the Emergency Department and Director of Medical Services, providing oversight and support for 8 medical residency and fellowship programs. In addition to his role as Chief Operations Officer for PEAK, John is a practicing Emergency Medicine physician